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Key Dates:
Meet the Candidates:
18th March, 12.00pm, Grounded
Campaigning Period:
Campaigning material to be taken down by 5pm on 24th March
Voting Period:
25th–27th March
General Rep Candidates
Patrick Back

Gidday, I’m Patrick Back in third year studying Agribusiness and Food Marketing at Lincoln University applying for General Rep. I’m really keen to help the student and staff experience by being a rep. My hobbies include swimming, water-skiing, and skiing. I have good teamwork and communication skills so these could come in handy.

If successful, I hope to increase my appearance as a rep around campus, the reps currently do a great job, but it would be excellent to see them around more. This would increase students confidence to bring forth issues, ultimately leading to an improved student experience.

Kate Lambarth

I am a third year student and Lincoln University and am very passionate about giving back to the students and staff. My hobbies include, piano, tennis and sewing. But most of all, socialising and meeting new people. It is important for me to be able to connect with anyone on a professional or personal level, so in this case, I rate my social and communication skills highly and aa as important part of my own personal development.

 My passions include, music, event hosting and the RAM magazine. I believe that the RAM magazine already has a great following from staff and students, but would really benefit from being hugely student based which would include more opinion pages, columns or even fun games etc. I would really love to work alongside fellow LUSA general reps and the whole LUSA committee. I am also a big fan of clubs and all that they do for the university, so any part I can help with or be a part of would be honourable. 

Kate Gislason

I am very enthused about sustainability and making our campus a better place.

I used to work at the Michigan State University recycling center and did a lot with their social media, event planning, and artistic projects.


I think my contributions will be mostly centered around the environment and education about waste management but I am very passionate about building community as well.


Thank you for your consideration!

International Rep Candidates
Nirmal Kumar Sangameswaran Sivarajan

Balaji is a young aspiring talent from India, born and raised in Tamilnadu southern state of India and graduated from St. Josephs's college of engineering. At first, he worked as a disc jockey(DJ) in some of the iconic hotels and clubs in India were he met many people from different countries socialized with them and played some great music for the night. Because of his DJ experience, he is so friendly, adaptable to the new environment, listen to people's conversations, understand their requirements and try to solve or help there needs. Despite his DJ experience he as an undergraduate degree in Chemical engineering which let him choose a path in science and industry.

He chased his dreams of being an industrial person by enrolling at Lincoln university studies postgraduate diploma in applied science (Food innovation & Science). Being a young person and having many years ahead of him, he is looking forward to learning, practice and improves himself every day.

Taking risks and maturing as an ideal personality is his way of attitude towards new situations and a new environment. Considering his experience in socializing with people he learned that everyone is unique and their thoughts so people have to respect and receive thoughts as same with respect and regards to develop humanity and society.

I am Nirmal Kumar studying Master of Business in Global Management and Marketing. I am a sincere, hardworking individual with a positive and friendly attitude. I am an outgoing personality with a great sense of humour. I am very professional and enthusiastic, that would make a proper mixture to work in any organisations, and I can also contribute to the wellness of the community.

I can work effectively as an individual as well as a member of a team.

I worked earlier in part-time positions in India during my undergraduate studies. I did my undergraduate studies in B. Com and gained a lot of management and administrative skills. I was also a board member in my university back in India, and my contributions to the university were recognised that made me feature in the honour board of my university. I was also awarded ‘Best Enthusiastic Student’ for outstanding work in the university. I was also a good student, academically. I also worked as a marketing trainee in an oil mill. I was an Associate Business Developer in Dhana Book Company for one year.

I am always bubbling with energy and enthusiasm. I would be an amazing student representative if elected, as I will work for the wellness of the students as well as for management. I would be a voice for International students and be willing to do anything that would be helpful for them. I am sure that you wouldn’t regret having me as an International Rep. I promise that, I would give all my services to the student community and for LUSA as well. 

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