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The Agroecology Club is for those wanting to learn about and meet like-minded people who are interested in alternative ways of producing food, including minimum tillage, agro-forestry, regenerative, and holistic farming. To do this we focus on networking with real practitioners in the field and on their farms in Canterbury, as well as inviting speakers to the University.

We also have ample social activities just to catch up and perhaps watch a film together. 


The Agroecology Club was founded last year 2018 and had a cracking start! Last year we:

  • Went on 2 field trips - Roger & Nikki Beattie and Milmore Downs

  • Had at least three film nights.

  • Arranged a tour around the Biological Husbandry Unit (BHU).

  • Had a speaker come in and talk to us about healthy soils, fertilizers and biological farming.

  • Put on a pub quiz for everyone at Uni.

  • Fried about 200 sausages for everyone.

  • Won runner up for BEST NEW CLUB!

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Christina Berneheim
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