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Thursday 22nd July 7.00pm–9.30pm Kong, Oxford Terrace, Christchurch

Ticket Prices and Combos

  • $35 General Admission
  • $75 Postgrad Combo (includes 1x Postgrad Cocktail Night ticket and 1x Winterball ticket)
Humanitix is the only valid seller of tickets to this event. Tixel is the official reseller for the event. Do not buy a ticket from a third-party platform or private seller, unless processing the sale via Tixel – this is the only way to know that your ticket is legit. The name on your ticket MUST match your ID. Make sure you double check that these details are correct before purchasing the ticket. If the name on your ID does not match your ticket, you will not be allowed entry to the event. It’s really important that you provide the correct contact details on your ticket for the purposes of COVID-19 contact tracing. Please download the PDF of your ticket from the Humanitix email prior to arrival at the event. Please DO NOT screenshot the ticket or the QR code, we need the actual ticket to make it easier to scan.

Ticket Resale

Tixel is the only safe way to handle ticket transfers. Follow the below steps carefully to avoid being scammed.

Selling your ticket?

Selling your ticket? Find your ticket in an email from Humanitix in your inbox. Select ‘download and print tickets’ which will take you to the PDF of your ticket. Make sure to save the PDF to your phone or desktop. Next, head to and search for Winterball. Select ‘sell my ticket’ and choose which upload method you would like to use (we recommend using the PDF upload function). If you have purchased more than one ticket, you can select which ticket you’d like to sell using the toggles – this will not sell all of your tickets. Next, input YOUR details as the seller.

If you have found a buyer, at the last step of the upload process you can select to ‘list ticket privately’ then send the sale link to your buyer. This will keep the sale private.

I don’t have a buyer?

If you do not have a buyer, your ticket will be listed publicly and released to the general waitlist. You will only receive your money back if someone chooses to purchase your ticket this way.

Buying someone’s ticket?

Ask the seller to complete the steps above then send you the link to purchase their ticket. This will allow you to log in to Tixel and complete the purchase process. Once you have entered your details, make sure you check your emails to confirm the ticket transfer, and pay the required ticket price via Tixel’s payment portal. Once you have purchased the tickets through the secure payment gateway, you’ll be sent completely new tickets with new QR codes to your email. The seller’s tickets are cancelled and refunded by Tixel.

Never transfer money via bank deposit or paypal.

Lost Property

LUSA does not take responsibility for any lost or damaged property. If any items are handed in to us during the event, these will be held at the LUSA office and available for collection for 5 working days after the event. After this time any unclaimed items will be disposed of. To read our full terms and conditions of the event, please click here.


Bag searches will be conducted upon entry. You must wear shoes to this event. You must provide valid ID to enter the event. Any person deemed to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be refused entry to the event. All decisions made by the contracted security company are final. No pass outs.

Refunds and Exchanges

LUSA do not issue refunds for this event, except for in the case of a cancellation due to COVID-19. If you have purchased a ticket and no longer wish to attend the event, please list it for sale with Tixel to allow someone else to purchase the ticket from you.