Lincoln University Malaysian

Student Association (LUMSA).

The Lincoln University Malaysian Student Association (LUMSA) is established on campus in order to provide a gathering platform for Malaysian students studying in Lincoln University to carry out activities that could foster closer bonds among the members of the club as well as to introduce Malaysian culture to the public.


We have several planned activities that could help to create fonder relationships among the members such as the weekly sports activities (i.e. badminton, frisbee, basketball, table tennis and bowling), tramping, fishing, movie night, ice skating and fund-raising activities. Apart from that, we have also planned some events involving the public which could help to promote Malaysian cultures such as the Malaysian Night (in collaboration with CMSA, Canterbury Malaysian Student Association) as well as the Eid Celebration Festival (planned to be held next year). 


We also take part in an event called the International Night which will be carried out on this coming September 30, involving all the international students in Lincoln University. Involvement of the Lincoln community to our public events are very much welcomed!


Feel free to get involved with LUMSA! Come and make new friends, get active and learn more about Malaysian cultures!

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Muhammad Afif Bin Azian
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