Meet the 2020 LUSA executive:

Sam Blackmore


Kia Ora all!
My name is Sam Blackmore, and I am running for President in the 2020 LUSA elections! I’m also teaming up and campaigning for your vote with my great mate Max Lichtenstein who is running for Vice-President! 
It’s been LUSA’s best year to date in my humble and obviously unbiased opinion. New events that are bigger, louder and I reckon, better than we have done before – wouldn’t that be a dream if we could keep it going?
Lets just remember back to O'Week: The Chats, Lime Cordiale, Bogan Bingo, Ivey Dreams. And what about Peking Duk and Example on the lineup for Garden Party. Do I continue? 
Well, I’m pretty keen to give the kids what they want and to keep having LUSA delivering some high-quality events throughout 2020 and beyond! And, after such a wicked year on the 2019 Exec, that’s exactly why I’m putting my hat in the ring to run for President.
If I’ve grabbed your attention with that, then damn, you may as well just vote for me already! However, if you need a little more convincing then please do read on…
If you don’t know me, I currently hold the Mental Health and Wellbeing portfolio on the LUSA Exec, and I am hugely passionate about student welfare. Unfortunately, the majority of our awesome 2019 Exec will be moving onwards and upwards at the end of this year, so having an old hand on board will definitely be useful as the new exec for 2020 take their place. Max and I are really proud of what the Exec has done so far in 2019 which is why we are teaming up to lead a fresh Exec into new and exciting times in 2020. 
I’m never afraid to have a chat or to share my opinion around – as those who know me will happily attest to!

Being President will require confidence to push the student voice and represent every one of you throughout the University; so that students remain at the center of the University’s decision-making process.

I’m pretty open to new ideas and to be challenged on what I’m doing – so feel free to come have a chat! 

Make sure you get your votes in when the elections open! 
Nga Mihi!

Atman Dhruva

International Rep

I’m Atman Dhruva and I want to be your next International Rep!
In case you’re wondering, Atman is pronounced as [aht-muh n] and it is a Vedic Sanskrit word which means ‘soul’ or ‘the individual self’. Perennially challenging my intellect, ceaselessly captivating my inner child, forever in contemplation and almost always in deep thought; my name perfectly complements my essence! I pride myself on an ethos driven by compassion and kindness toward all sentient life.
I’m currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Applied Sciences with a strong focus on Water Resource Management and Plant Science at Lincoln University and I wish to stick around for my post-grad. Having graduated from Biochemistry back in Mumbai and as a child always in love with the sciences, I possess an analytical mind. Combine that with a couple of years of experience with travel and adventure companies, it gives me a unique approach with people from various strata, cultures and countries.
As your International Rep, I will make the transition process easier and more seamless, cultivate an environment for you that doesn’t seem as alien and build upon the phenomenal work that LUSA has done thus far. I wish to be your intermediary for all concerns on campus with respect to our student organization and academic learning. I will strive to manifest a strong community within the university that will not only thrive next year but in the subsequent years to follow. Furthermore, I’m committed to pulping all the juice I can from the humongous cost of tuition – that means getting more involved and creating a community that I, and many other students want!
Paraphrasing the words of the last coherent, sensible guy to occupy The Oval Office, “Make a good choice, get online and vote!”

Barbera Forster

General Rep

Hi, my name is Barbera Forster and I study a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, I will be running for the General Rep position. I am currently the President of Thursdays in Black on campus and so I may have already harassed some of you walking past the stall in the library or Forbes! I hope you find me approachable enough to chat to and think I would make a good representative. I also enjoy working with the well-being department at uni, rolling out the Respectfully Lincoln workshops to improve the safety and well-being of students on campus. I speak my mind and am outgoing in the hope that I can voice any concerns students may bring to me to further improve the experience here on campus.

Sarah Visser

General Rep

Connecting students with culture and the environment.
I had a pretty solid Kiwi childhood climbing trees, making mud pies and hunting for bugs. I understand there’s a few students that haven’t had much of an outdoors experience engaging with our native backyard or aren’t currently activating their inner child. I want to be the person to facilitate opportunities for you lot to be creatively inspired though bushwalking, chucking paint around, and doing mudslides. Outdoor education and artistic expression are a passion of mine, and I want to see you guys learning more about all the fun activities you can have outdoors with your mates. There is value in the outdoors to grow your wellbeing and flourish in your life. 
I am enthusiastic and love people and BUGS. I love to communicate and be involved on campus as often as I can. Most of you guys will know me through PASS, Christian Fellowship, Kapahaka, as a Library student worker or volunteering around campus. I really hope that I can further create a welcoming environment for international and domestic students on Lincoln campus and look forward to meeting more of you as the year progresses as your potential General Rep!

Max Lichtenstein

Vice President

Kia Ora Lincoln Whanau!
Ko Max Lichtenstein toku ingoa and I am running for Vice President in the 2020 LUSA elections. I am teaming up with and campaigning alongside my good mate Sam Blackmore who is going for President! 

I came to study at Lincoln because it is somewhere different, off the map and full of incredible people doing incredible things! My past three years here have provided me with an unreal experience. I have learnt a lot both in and out of lecture theatres. It is the people here that make me so passionate about LUSA and the work we do for the students.  

In 2019 I have been fortunate enough to work with an incredible Exec team as their Secretary. This year, we have been working hard to inspire an efficient, productive and positive future for LUSA. Sam and I are really proud of what the Exec has achieved so far which is why we are teaming up to lead a fresh Exec into new and exciting times in 2020. 

Lincoln University is in the middle of a period of change. We see this time for change as a fantastic opportunity to pick up the ball and run with it. Change allows us to be bold, create a legacy and build on the hard work already done. As VP of LUSA I want to be at the forefront of that change to create a sustainable, dedicated and transparent student’s association. We aim to be representative of, connected by, and engaging with the students we lead. 

To summarise, I’m stepping up to the challenge of Vice President for 2020. Both building on my existing experience, and working hard with Sam, to create an awesome environment for the students of Lincoln! 

Vote for Sam and Max as President and Vice President 2020. Your vote is critical so make it count.

Gregory Fleming

Secretary & General Rep

Kia Ora, I’m Gregory. A second year Accounting and Finance student. I am interested in becoming your Secretary as I am passionate about this university and its people. As your secretary I would make sure that LUSA remains transparent and honest, so you know exactly where your money goes. I would strive to continue to add value to your university experience. I am also keen to make mental health services more accessible for everyone because it is so important there anyone who needs help can receive it. 
A little about me; I enjoy tramping, coffee, brunch, and a good dance at Fat Eddies! 
If you ever see me around campus, please say "Hi" and I’ll be happy to discuss what is important to you!

Zoe Arts

Post Grad Rep

My name is Zoe Arts and I’m running for Postgraduate Representative 2020. During 2020 I will be in my 4th year of study towards the BEPP(hons). Over the last 3 years at Lincoln I have had lots of great experiences and think it’s now time I give something back. I want to combine my passion of the environment and outdoors with this representative role to help Lincoln University become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place. I think through positive student and staff engagement this can be achieved. It is vital we get postgrad students on board with making the university a more sustainable place as I believe they have a lot of knowledge and experience to offer. I’m looking forward to working in a team and gaining valuable experience while representing postgrad students. Vote Zoe for 2020!

Zee Hammond-Walker

General Rep

Kia ora, Ko Zee Hammond-Walker toku ingoa. 

My name is Zee Hammond-Walker and I am a second year student here at Lincoln. I study a Bachelor of Environment and Society, majoring in events management. The rest of my courses are mostly ecology and psychology with the odd random elective!
I am from Whakatu (Nelson) but I live in Otatutahi (Christchurch). 
My passion surrounds the well-being space, and this is what I would aim to improve if I was one of your LUSA General Representatives.
I have been involved in well-being around campus over the last year and a half as I believe it is so important to create spaces and an atmosphere that encourages well-being.
Ways in which I would like to do this include more well-being promoting events, celebrating the huge diversity on campus and providing more resources for those who need it. Lincoln University is a unique place where you should feel safe, valued and celebrated! Well-being is for everyone.
He waka eke noa (we are all in this together)

Charlotte Parry


Ko Te Kohurau raua ko Takitimu ka mauka teitei
Ko Kakaunui te awa
Ko Waimataitai te roto
Ko Uenuku te whare tipuna
Ko Kati hateatea te hapu
Ko Tiramorehu te takata
Ko Kai Tahu te iwi
Ko te pa o Moeraki te turakawaewae
Ko Harden te whanau
Ko Charlotte Parry oku inkoa.
Tena koutou.

Kia ora.  My name is Charlotte Parry and I am currently in my second year doing my Bachelors in Landscape Architecture. 
I arrived in Aotearoa about four years ago as I was brought up in London, with my mother being english and my father maori. Our whanau hail from Wairoa (Ngati Kahangunu) and Moeraki (Kai Tahu).  
Since returning home, I have had a tremendous want to reconnect with my whakapapa and learning about my Tipuna, my Marae, myself and where I come from. 

Through my journey, it has lead me to study Te Reo for the last three years at Te Wananga o Aotearoa. My Te Reo path has progressed to studying here at Te Whare Wanaka o Aoraki doing MAST 121 and 122.
I am inspired to incorporate my passion for our whenua into my degree, focusing my studies on reinvigorating our native flora and fauna. My own learning has created a desire to help other tauira thrive and achieve through learning. 
Some of my peers would describe me as a bit of a workaholic, committed to my beliefs, but also a joker who brings some loudness to everything I do. I find this a good a way of being able to help tauira, breaking down barriers and working to support Te Awhioraki. 
Currently I hold a General Rep position, however I believe that I possess the skills and abilities to fulfill the role of Tumuaki.  
Through my time here at Lincoln University, I have been involved with Te Awhioraki in both an active and supportive way.  I know that this is not going to be an easy role to take on, however, I am prepared to learn and take up every opportunity that may come along.  I want to see positive change here at Lincoln and with a full Executive, this can be achieved.
No reira, 
Me mutu au i konei i te whakatauki, 
Nou te rourou, naku te rourou.





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