The New Zealand Macroeconomy: What We Measure and What it Means

Pearson Education New Zealand


Most economics books used in New Zealand are US or Australian based and so lack much (or anything) in the way of information relating to New Zealand. For microeconomics this is not so important, but this is not the case for macroeconomics where there are often considerable differences between different economies. The New Zealand Macroeconomy: What we measure and what it means provides an up-to-date and concise solution, filling the 'macroeconomy gap' for students studying economics in the New Zealand context. Written to be read in conjunction with existing economics books, The New Zealand Macroeconomy: What we measure and what it means discusses core topics from the New Zealand perspective in a conversational tone, that makes this book eminently readable and an invaluable resource for all introductory economics students in New Zealand. This short text will also be a valuable supplement for NCEA students.

The New Zealand Macroeconomy

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