Campaigning Period:
5.01pm, 17 March– 5.00pm, 24th March

Voting Period:
9.00am, 25th March–5.00pm, 28th March

Position Descriptions

Becky Rickard

GIDDAY! Becky’s the name, often used in memes popping up on Facebook and TBH most are pretty darn relatable. I’ll provide:

“always a laugh”
“have everything under control”
“and make good times good times and makes sure everyone’s having a good time”

Currently unemployed, full-time Ag science student in my 3rd year collecting valuable facts about cows, sheep and grass, only Lincoln peeps find acceptable: like did you know cows have 32 teeth - ** counts your own teeth, the same as humans.

Other than attending lectures because as the memes would suggest I always get A+, still waiting on that one to be relatable… I am apart of the Lincoln young farmers and hunting club and yet to make my debut appearance at the pottery club to get down to earth with some clay we dug up in SOSC 222 and make some bowls for the flat.

I am also found sending it down rocks and dirt on my bike in the summer and snow in the winter. I even have a gram to prove it- @nz.girls_who_ride

Hailing from the better or not better than the South Island, Island I come off a Kiwifruit orchard, which no that doesn’t make me super rich but full of vitamin C -So HMU if you want some free kiwifruit.

My biggest achievement so far is rock climbing up in the bluffs of the southern alps a few weeks ago and making it alive, must be all that practice at school camp– tip: don’t do it on sunset, despite the pics looking sick, it gets dark quick making it a sketchy time climbing down. I’ll leave you a quote of mine “Whatever you do, make it fun, it always makes the stories better”

Madison Keogan

Policy Statement – Madison Keogan

Hey guys! My name is Madison Keogan but I also go by Maddy. I am a third year Commerce student majoring in Global Business and I am running to be your Vice President of LUSA for 2021. As your Vice President I will be a voice for you and an advocate for your needs, interests, and concerns as a student at Lincoln. My experience thus far at Lincoln has been extraordinary and I want you yours to be the same.

What feels like years ago now when I was deciding what university to attend after High School, Lincoln was always a top pick and after attending the open day I didn’t even bother looking anywhere else. The sense of community that is created from LUSA run events and Lincoln in general can be felt as soon as you step onto campus, I believe this is not achieved any other uni’s in our incredible home of Aotearoa. As your Vice President it would be one of my main goals to continue this community feeling far into the future and for students to always know and feel they have a place here. Also if you are remote student I want to ensure this community feeling harmoniously integrates to an online setting. The skills that I have gained through prior leadership positions and part-time work will allow me to speak up if no one else will and continue to foster an open and honest relationship between the students and our University.

I would be extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be a voice for anyone and everyone at Lincoln and to work alongside your talented current 2021 student executive’s as Vice President to continue our vibrant, encouraging and fun astrosphere here at Lincoln!

Biographical Notes – Madison Keogan

Madison Keogan was born in Brisbane Australia in December 2000. In 2001 at six months old Madison and her parents relocated back to New Zealand and have since lived in Christchurch New Zealand. Madison holds both an Australia and New Zealand passport but is a citizen of New Zealand. From 2005 to 2012 she attend Oaklands Primary School and had a leadership position as Rata House Captain. Madison went on to attend Hillmorton High School from 2013 to 2018 where she held leaderships position as Fire House Captain, Formal Coordinator and Blood Drive Coordinator and various here she was awarded the Woolhouse Scholor Award (Student of the Year) and also Deputy Principal Award for Contribution to Senior Student Council. Madison is now currently attending Lincoln University and is in her third year as student working towards a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Global Business her expected graduation year is 2021. Also during Madison’s time as a student at university and high school she has worked part-time as a sale assistant at Rebel Sport since June 2017 however in January 2019 she was promoted and currently works there as a duty manager and also undertakes the daily banking. In her second year of study Madison has worked as a causal for Lincoln University in a tutoring and research assistant role, in the research assistant she has been transcribing interviews for senior lectures at Lincoln. Madison has a had success with her studies at Lincoln making the Dean’s List for both semester 1 and 2 in 2020 and also recently receiving the Deloitte Commerce Prize for 2020. Madison hopes to continue on with her studies in 2022 plans to undertake a taught Master’s in Global Business and Marketing.

Nominations Open:
Midday, 10th March

Nominations Close:
5.00pm, 17th March


Constanza Espinoza-Iversen

My name is Constanza, I am a second year PhD student in Wine Science originally from Chile.

While living in Chile, I graduated from school as an Agronomist Engineer, and later I continued in the field with a fellowship in London and Oxford for a few months. After working on research in the Antarctic, I discovered my passion for research and wine. I then decided to travel through different countries making wine and working in viticulture to get to know different techniques in the Old and New World.

I’ve been in New Zealand from 2016 dedicated to the wine industry, and by 2019 I moved from Marlborough to start studies at Lincoln.

Currently I am very into surfing, friends and barbies when my research allows me the time.

With two years at Lincoln University, I have learned how things work around the University and the issues that students can experience. I would like to contribute and help as much as I can and generate more social experiences for everyone to get to know each other.

Junmin Li (Jimmy)

My name is Junmin, Li (Jimmy). I’m an international student from Hong Kong, I joined Lincoln University in 2020 and I’m studying a bachelor of agribusiness and food marketing.

Prior to studying at Lincoln University, I was a student councilor at St Francis Methodist School in Singapore where I represented 600 of my fellow peers. During my time I specialized in organizing student events like the school carnival and graduation ball.

I have spent extensive time volunteering at elderly homes and specialist education centers for the disabled, as well as running the environmental club. I have acquired a combination of skills that will benefit me in this position, from orginisation through to communication. I believe that I can handle the job based on my previous experiences. I will use the opportunity as a learning experience to improve myself, and thus better serve in my position.

The reason I want apply for International student representative is I would like to improve the integration of international student within local culture. I aim to be the voice of international students and encourage the sharing of international culture to benefit the university environment. This will allow students to relate and thus increase involvement, leading to benefits in mental health and study performance.

Lara Noelte

I was born and raised in Germany and initially came to New Zealand as a tourist in 2017. Later on, I had the chance to do an exchange semester at Lincoln University and ended up moving to New Zealand permanently to be with my partner. This year I can finally continue my studies as a domestic student after taking a break from university and working on a farm near Burnham.

I feel like I can relate to a lot of international students and their needs as I have been an international student myself. Moving to another country comes with its own challenges, especially now with covid, and I would like to help with providing a welcoming space for everyone here at Lincoln Uni. Students that are here for an exchange semester have partly different requirements and problems than students that are doing their whole degree at Lincoln and I think I understand both perspectives. I would try and give my best to help you, if you have any questions or problems with settling in at Lincoln, and I would love the opportunity of representing the international community.

Sachin Chaudhari

My name is Sachin Chaudhari. I'm from India and I worked in the winery as an assistant winemaker. Now I'm doing my master's in wine and viticulture here at Lincoln University. I'm applying for an international rep so I can learn many things and help to solve student issues. As an international student, I think I will be great in this position helping and relating with other international students. I wish to do events for students like camping, visiting food industries, and more!

Sebrena Samantha Smalling

I am Sebrena Samantha Smalling currently enrolled in an Animal Science Ph.D. Program in the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

I am in love with this campus and the people who attend it. Since my first day here, I have felt accepted, included and appreciated. This university makes me feel valued and gives me the opportunity to grow as an academic and as a person.

Being an executive member of the Association of African and Caribbean students, which has a myriad of international students, has helped me to build organizational skills and allowed me the opportunity to help bring together like-minded students, something that I will continue to do if elected. This experience has also given me the ability to understand how to truly help international students by having an open ear for their problems and the knowledge and experience to assist them.

Becoming a student is a challenge, but becoming an international student is far more of a challenge. Even though Lincoln University is welcome to international students, there is still room for improvements. International students play a significant role in the empowerment of Lincoln University and the university should make every effort to answer with the same attitude; consequently, if elected, I will work tirelessly with international students and staff collaborating on initiatives to enhance the university experience, making the voice of the international student more powerful and useful by satisfying their critical needs, while creating a more vibrant and welcoming place for all international students, and a home away from home. I strongly believe that one should be “fearless in the pursuit of what sets one’s soul on fire”. Representing the international students set my soul on fire!