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Student Advice & Support.

We all need someone who can support us. Our advocacy service is informal, professional and confidential; 100% independent from the University, which means the advice we provide you will always be in your best interest. 

Our Student Advice and Support Service is:

  • 100% confidential

  • Here to help you understand your options, rights and responsibilities


Our team is here to help whether your issues are:

  • Academic

  • Financial 

  • Personal 

  • Anything else


Still don't think we can help? Get in touch anyway, we can work collaboratively with all of the University's support services so we can point you in the right direction.

Need some help? Contact Kate

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Kate Lindsay
Student Advocacy & Voice


P: 03 423 0582

Student Financial Assistance Fund

LUSA provides an emergency Financial Assistance Fund to assist students who are struggling financially due to unforeseen and unexpected circumstances. The purpose of this fund is to support students whose studies are seriously compromised by financial hardship beyond their control.


If this sounds like you, please click the button below for more info.

Financial Assistance
Lincoln University Foodbank

Food parcels are available for any student at Lincoln University who is in hardship. Assistance will be provided for students' families as well. Each student and their family is eligible to receive up to three food parcels. Allowances will be made for extreme

cases of hardship. In those cases further assistance may be provided. Please contact​ to apply.

Mental Health
Mental Health

Mental health issues can affect anyone, especially a great number of students and young people during what can be a very stressful time of your life.


Lincoln University has excellent counsellors available at Student Health—but we understand that when you're struggling, it can be really difficult to take that step through their door. We can help you to organise appointments, introduce you to the right people, and (metaphorically) hold your hand as we get you back on track. Email or visit us at LUSA to get in touch.


Helpful links:

The Low Down

Personal Help

If you have tenancy issues, childcare worries, car troubles, or if your personal life is a mess and you're not coping—come and chat with us, or email There is always something that can be done to make things easier and the team at LUSA have the know how to get you back on your feet and performing at the top of your A-Game.

Personal Help

Types of Aegrotats:

Aegrotat Consideration Due to Covid-19 Infection

Formal Exam Medical & Non-medical

Formal Exam Misadventure

In-term Assessment Medical & Non-medical

If you have any questions or require help, please see Jamie Threadwell ( first and if you need further assistance, pop into LUSA.

Childcare Subsidy

If you meet a certain criteria, you may be eligible to receive LUSA’s Childcare Subsidy to assist in your childcare costs at the Lincoln University Early Childhood Centre*.

To be considered for the Childcare Subsidy you must:

  • Be enrolled at Lincoln University

  • Have a valid Community Services Card OR, provide three months of bank statements to support your application

*This excludes casual bookings.

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