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Starting a Club.

Documents to Get You Started:

Is there a club missing from the current selection that you think should be there? Why not start a new club yourself?

Whether you’re old or new you need to go through this process each year to make sure everything is up to date and you’re giving yourself the best go at success.

Step One:
Have an Idea

What's the purpose of the club?

What is it going to do?

How is it different to other clubs?

Step Two:
Pop into LUSA

If you need any guidance, talk to LUSA's Clubs Coordinator to help get you started

Step Three:

You need at least 10 members to affiliate with LUSA.

Step Four:

Elect the club's Exec, who will make sure the club does what it's supposed to.

Step Five:

Become a legit LUSA club and get access to all the support we have to offer.

Step One:
Have an Idea

At the core of every club is an idea, passion or purpose that brings club activities and members together. A simple interest can develop into a really successful club.


Whether you sit down with some mates, get chatty at the pub, or get philosophical up the Port Hills, do some serious thinking about what your club is.

Some questions to keep in you on track:​​

  • What is the purpose of the Club?

  • Why will people want to join?

  • How will you get members?

  • How will it be run? By who?

  • How will the Club bring people together?

  • Who will fund the Club?

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