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Covid-19 Support and Information.

Looking for info about COVID-19? To help, we’ve collected some resources.

LUSA is Online

We are still here to provide you with all of the support, information and distractions you need. Get in touch with us below:


Covid-19 Aegrotat

This form is to be used by ALL students requiring special consideration for any piece of in-term assessment or formal examination due to Covid-19 circumstances.

Student Financial Assistance Fund

We understand that due to the current circumstances, you may find yourself in some financial hardship. That's where the LUSA Financial Assistance Fund can help you out.

Student Health Centre and Counselling

Student Health & Support remains available while LU is in lockdown.  If you are enrolled with Student Health, you can access their services from anywhere in the country, as appointments are being held through non-face-to-face methods. Call 03 325 3835 to book an appointment with a doctor, nurse or counsellor.

International Students

If you are an intentional student and have any concerns or issues or are needing support you can contact the international advisors. More information is available through the link below.

Tech Support

Do you need some help to resolve the tech issues you are experiencing? Visit: OR click below.


The link below lists available foodbanks in Canterbury.

Useful Information

Online resources:​
  • SafeLU: Download Lincoln University's app to get updates on COVID-19 delivered straight to your phone.​

  • The LU website — COVID-19 Updates: They have a section on COVID-19 with info specific to staff and students. You can also find all of the relevant information on Learn.

  • Unite Against Covid-19 website: This website has everything you need to know about COVID-19 in one place. Learn the simple steps you can take to unite against the virus and slow its spread. Find out what help is available and get the latest updates. 

  • If you're currently unable to work, check with your employer if they have applied for the wage subsidy, which is payment for employers to keep paying staff and protect jobs. For more info, read here.

Covid Hardship
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