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LUSA x Wā Collective!

Stressing about periods is a bloody waste of time!


We've partnered up with the Wā Collective to provide you with a cheap and sustainable solution to period woes. Because LUSA is awesome, we’ve added an additional subsidy to Wā Cups for Lincoln Uni students. That means instead of paying $20, you can now pick up your Wā cup for only $5!

Caught Short?

If you experience periods, you would've probably experienced a time when Aunt Flo arrived when you were least expecting her. We know what it's like so we've created a Menstrual Bank that you can dip into, for free, if you are caught short. 

From 2018, LUSA has the 'Menstrual Bank' service. So if you or your friend get caught out and need a tampon or pad but can’t find one, don’t panic.


Come into LUSA and let us know you need a pad or tampon, however discreetly or openly you are comfortable with, heck, write it on paper even and one of our respectful and discreet staff will sort you out. We've got you!

Menstrual Bank supplies:
  • Regular pad with wings

  • Super pad with wings

  • Regular tampon

  • Super tampon

  • Tampon with applicator

  • Panty liner

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