The Student Learning Experience

The Student Learning Experience is a concept developed to help you understand the different parts that make up you and your fellow classmates' learning experience. It sets out a series of questions to guide your thinking.


Do the learning outcomes correspond to what you are learning?

Does the curriculum being taught match your expectations from the information provided about the course including the course outline?

How is the course and its modules structured? Is your timetable clear and easy to understand?

Do you find the course engaging and challenging?

Blended Learning

Do lecturers teach using Learn?


How much guidance/support etc. do you get with use of Learn for learning and teaching?


Are the resources on Learn for classes well planned and thought out?


Are you supported to use innovative learning technology?

Quality Enhancement 
and Assurance

Do you feel that the staff and department is receptive to student concerns and suggestions?

Do you feel that you and your classmates' opinions are listened to and taken seriously?

What improvements have been made to your course during your time of study?

Do you consider that there is a strong student voice culture embedded in your course?

Learning and Teaching Process

Are your classes stimulating/engaging and informative?


Do you find the lectures a satisfactory method of imparting information? Do you find your tutorials promote your understanding of the subject and further learning?

Do you think there is a good mix between lectures/tutorials/practicals/workshops? Are there any forms of learning you would like in addition to lectures and tutorials?

Do you have enough close contact time with your lecturers/tutors?

Do your classes motivate you to learn independently? Are you given support to develop your independent learning skills?

Assessments and Feedback

Do you feel you are given sufficient support to prepare well for your assessments? Are you given enough time to prepare for assessments?


Are the assessment criteria clear to you?


Do you receive adequate feedback from your assessments? Does the feedback you receive following assessments help you understand what you did well and what you need to do to improve?


Are there opportunities to discuss your progress with staff on a regular basis?


Are there too many exams or assessments?


Do assessments adequately and fairly represent the content of the course?

Learning Resources

Are the lecture and other class learning materials easily accessible?


If you are studying a practical course, do you have access to the resources/tools/materials you need?


Do you have access to sufficient and up-to-date materials that you need (for example books, lab equipment and art materials)?


Is teaching material up-to-date?


How much support are you getting with your academic work?


Is there a place/person you can get help from if you're struggling with your work?

Are staff and students aware of the channels for dealing with issues?


Is your personal tutor or advisor of studies helpful?


Are you provided with sufficient employability guidance and advice? How has your course made you more employable?


How informative and helpful is the careers centre?


Are you supported to undertake work experience/placements as part of your course?


Are there adequate library and computing   facilities?


Do departmental facilities and resources meet your expectations?

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